Are you a Spiritual Heathen?

Spiritual Heathens are wild and free. They are curious and brave. They practice freedom and define themselves. They crave the beauty in life and follow their passions.

A blurry image of lights in the dark.

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Two women laying on the ground wearing sunglasses.

This is where you come to indulge in fun fiction. Welcome! Satire designed to stimulate every dark corner of your imagination and take your breath away. Warning: Don't read this in public.

Succulent, delicious and craveable fiction stories written by Joanne Black.

Dare to explore the places where imagination intersects with reality. 

Enjoy stories that engage your senses in unexpected ways and experience fiction you can taste. You will burn lots of calories and be able to try flavors you've never experienced before, or enjoy the classic vanilla, that is so repeatably delicious.

Indulge to your heart's content.

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